Holt Elementary is the school that most of our kids from the Crescent East Housing Projects attend. I wanted to create another opportunity for the Student-Athletes at Bama to be able to engage, inspire and mentor them multiple times each week. So I reached out to the Assistant Principal of HES and shared my heart with him. He told me that 2 of their 5th grade teachers had already quit within the first 6 weeks of school due to the many discipline issues that they had to deal with on a daily basis. He said that they had been praying for help and that we were a direct answer to that prayer. Our next step was to identify the greatest areas of deficiency in the lives of the kids so that we could develop a “Taylor Made” Mentorship program for them. It didn't take long to uncover 5 areas of “character deficiency” that we use each week as our student-athletes strategically and specifically mentor the kids in their great-est area of need!